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Who's Registered

2/23/2019 - Annual Freedom Florence Uniform Event
Florence - Freedom Florence Complex

Listed below are the teams that are currently registered for this event broken down by division. If you're interested in registering your team for this event you can do so by going logging into your team account and registering or by clicking register on the schedule.

Who's Registered

1hr-Lower-Comp Division
21 Teams

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Lost Boyz - SC
Tyson's Heat - NC
Dmp - NC
Evil Empire / Hicks Logging - SC
Dirty Boyz - SC
Daddy's Money - SC
Carolina Fugitives - SC
Horsepower - SC
Idfk - SC
Look Alive - SC
Monkey Sticks - SC
Slaughterhouse - SC
Frontline Free Agents - SC
Kountry Kutz/Direct Pak - NC
Carolina Wrecking Crew - NC
Ko Softball - SC
Sho Stoppers - SC
Beat Keepers - SC

Red-Coed Division
1 Teams

Beat Keepers - SC